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I have taken this site as far as I can. Now it's time for new ideas, new direction, and new energy. Welcome to David Wills, new webmaster!

- Chris Tolworthy, June 2000

This site is an archive. All development from 30th June 2000 takes place at the new whyprophets.com

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Seen it all before? Maybe. But maybe you haven't seen these before:

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A New Approach

This is not the first web site about Daniel and Revelation. But it is the first one that:

The result is that you are the judge. This is not the kind of web site that says "I am cleverer and more inspired than you - trust my vast knowledge". I am just suggesting some possibilities, in the absence of a definitive prophetic word. More importantly, I am suggesting where a definitive prophetic word would come from, were it to be given.

What is Not New

Expounding, not expanding

We have to be very careful when commenting on scripture. I want to draw attention to the marvelous prophecies, and suggest some possible context. I do not want to add anything. God has made clear that man is not to add to scripture - he reserves that task for himself. I wish to expound on the scriptures. I do not wish to expand on them.

I have tried hard not to give this web site the appearance of authority, which is why (for example) I have removed most of the footnotes. I have frequently tried to draw the line between a commentator (who is not inspired) and a prophet (who is). If you find areas where I seem to have crossed this line, please tell me how and where, and I will try to inject a bit more humility.

I have added a kind of biography and "my academic credentials" to the "help" page. I hope that kind of shows where I am coming from.

This must not contradict the prophets' statements

In developing this site, I have frequently checked it with statements by apostles and prophets. All I have done is provide uninspired evidence for these doctrines. This often meant moving into related areas - for example, a discussion of the "1260" period means we need to identify the "little horn". If I have contradicted the apostolic word at any point, please tell me.

Thanks for reading. I hope this site is of value!

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