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Over 1400 pages when printed.
  The purpose of life
The life of Christ
What makes you happy?
It's your choice

Why follow the prophet?
A rational approach:

Why prophecy?
The unbeatable strength of the Church
A secular aproach to prophecy

Obedience and Freedom
Quotations about individuality
Deep Doctrine

Bible Proofs
101 prophecies: Why trust the Bible?
Frequently Asked Questions
1-11: from General Observations to Genesis 6
12-19: Hebrews in America
20-32: The 12 Tribes, Feasts, and more
33-38: Isaiah's Prophecies
39: Jeremiah and the New Covenant
40-55: Ezekiel, Daniel, and the "minor" prophets
56-70: The New Testament Church
71-79: Jesus' Later Teachings
80-86: Prophecies in the Gospel of John
87-101: Teachings of the Early Apostles
For "Born Again Christians" FAQs from "Born Again Christians"
Paul's epistle to the Romans
The Fall of Adam - good or bad?
The word of God
Are you saved?
How to be saved
Miscellaneous: Apostolic and Biblical authority
Which Bible do you believe in?
Jaredites in the Bible
Jaredites in Arabia

1830 foretold
Dated Bible Prophecies: Summary
Chart of Daniel's prophecies
"Days" and "years" in prophecy.
The 1260 "day" prophecies.
1260 days and the LDS church.
Daniel's prophecy of 1290 "days"
Daniel's prophecy of 2300 "days"
Daniel's prophecy of 1335 "days"
Quotations from modern prophets
The context: My testimony, and an introduction
The book of Daniel made simple.
The book of Revelation made simple.
Revelation made very simple.
Do the visions all cover the same topic?
The Great Apostasy and the "last days".
Summary of symbols and dates.
Others' interpretations Seven approaches to Daniel
Don't take my word for this!
Wm Smith Bible dictionary (scan 1)
Wm Smith Bible dictionary (scan 2)
Wm Smith Bible dictionary (scan 3)
How people twist Matthew 24

Simple stuff
Ten simple prophecies: Summary
Father in heaven
Very simple stuff: 1 minute beginners' guide
Why this all matters
How the apostles were killed
Fun scriptures (light relief)
Quick summaries: Introduction to Bible dates
Key ideas
What's new
Quick reference

Beasts and Horns
General points: Interpreting the Scriptures
Why trust the Bible?
Keep it simple
"Days" and "years" in prophecy
The "little horn": The "little horn" of Daniel
Horns (and kings) in scripture
The visions cover the same topic
The little horn in Daniel 7.
The little horn in Daniel 8.
Antiochus IV is not the horn.
The origins of Europe.
Gog, Magog, and Armageddon
The "Beast": The "Beast" of Revelation
More about the Beast
The second Beast
The mark of the Beast.
The number of the Beast.
The Whore and Babylon
Thomas Hobbes and Leviathan
Abominations and desolations: Abominations and desolations
The abomination in Daniel
"70 weeks" and Matthew 24
A British abomination
Daniel 11 and an abomination
The future:
(I have tried to be very cautious
about this. I am not the prophet!
Most of this web site is about
prophecies that have already
been fulfilled.)
The future
The Second Coming
Gog, Magog, and Armageddon
Prophecies in the Book of Mormon
The end of the world
Beyond the end of the world...

World History
The Big Picture: The atonement of Christ, part 1
The atonement of Christ, part 2
2000 years of "Christianity"
A history of the Gentiles
Daniel and Church history
Early Christianity in Britain
Seven proofs of the apostasy
The year 1830
The year 570: What happened in 570
570 and the Roman Empire
Byzantium and 570
Europe between 570 and 1830
Jerusalem between 570 and 1830
Justinian: an eye witness account
Gregory the Great and 570
AD 570 around the world
Dated Bible prophecies
The year 1830: 1830 and the birth of modern technology
1830 and the birth of modern history
1830, the arts and discovery
1830 and the Christian churches
1830 and millennial prophecy
Europe in slavery: 570 to 1830
Jerusalem trodden underfoot: 570 to 1830
Other issues: Noah's Flood
The descendants of Joktan

The last 2000 years, in the book of Revelation
Beyond the end of the world

The Holy Grail
The Celtic Church: The Celtic church before 570
The Celtic church after 570
Celtic notes and sources
Pelagius versus Augustine
The 666 prophecy
The Grail: What was the grail?
The Iron Rod
Joseph of Arimathea
"King Arthur's Horses"
(Rebecca Tolworthy,
Cornish artist)

The Restored Church
The Church:

Absolute beginners' guide
Where are Christians?
Reasons to be LDS
Joseph Smith
1260 days of trial
The blessed twentieth century

The Book of Mormon: Book of Mormon Prophecy
Book of Mormon Proof (92 pages)
Same document, PDF format
Jaguars in the Book of Mormon
Statements by modern prophets: The Government of God
Joseph Smith on Revelation
Modern prophets and AD 570
Statements about the "horn"
Statements about Daniel 7:25 and Revelation 13:5
Statements that date the Great Apostasy
Fundamentals How to live by the spirit
Answers to prayer

The fullness of the gospel
Free will, slavery, war
The nature of God
Are you (or were you) converted?
Critics Critics ('anti-Mormons')
The Mask of Mormonism
The Tanners
Reasons to not believe - do they make sense?
What ex-Mormons say about these pages
Do you like the church?
More 'reasons to leave'
God, Adam, and Angels
Other beliefs So-called "Mormon Fundamentalists"
All about reincarnation
Reincarnation and the Bible (part 1)
Reincarnation and the Bible (part 2)
Joseph Smith and reincarnation
The Baha'i faith
The Roman Catholic church

General points Proof of the existence of God
Alien life?
Science and non-science
Science and pseudo-science
Hugh Nibley and Karl Popper
Arguments against religion
Truth and speculation
Questions and fallacies
Spirit and matter Evidence for a spirit world
The nature of the universe
Quotations from prophets
Energy, and answers to questions
Evolution Church statements on evolution
John A. Widtsoe on evolution
What is evolution?
Creation accounts
Evolution FAQ
Homosexuality 'Sexual orientation'
The scientific evidence
Changing sexuality
Homosexuality FAQ

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