The 1260 year apostasy
In Daniel 2 and Daniel 7 and Daniel 8 and Revelation

The Bible really is simple!
There is only one story in all these great prophecies:
the Christian Dark Ages and eventual restoration

Dan 7 = Dan 8
Rev 12 = Rev 13
Dan 7 = Rev 12
Daniel 7 and 8 both feature the little horn. Revelation 12 and 13 both feature the Devil's attack on the world. Three of the four chapters feature the 1260 "days" of Satan's power.

Could they all be dealing with the same events, but from different points of view?

Is the little horn in Daniel chapter 7 the same little horn as in Daniel chapter 8?

  1. Both chapters feature the little horn - chapter 7 features his period of triumph and chapter 8 gives his origin. There is no reason to suspect they are not the same.
  2. Both chapters deal with the defeat of Persia by Greece.
  3. Both use symbolism of beasts and horns.
  4. Both end with the final triumph of the saints (Chapter 8 does not say so directly, but says in verses 17-19 that this refers to the end time)
  5. Both refer to the little horn's period of blasphemy.

Is the 1260 in Revelation 12 the same as in Revelation 13?

(chapter 12, in heaven, is reflected in chapter 13, on earth)

  1. (To LDS readers: JST Revelation 12:1 states that the events in heaven are a likeness of the events on earth. Add the next point and we have a simple case of heavenly events acted out on earth.)
  2. The two chapters run into each other. Some translations (such as the Jerusalem Bible) do not show a break at that point. 12:17 is an intention that is carried out in 13:1
  3. Both are about the opposition to the church : 12 is the principle (a dragon attempting to kill a woman), and 13 is the practice (false Christs and blasphemies)
  4. The beast (chapter 13) is the mirror of the dragon (chapter 12) and is visually the same.
  5. Both end with the triumph of the saints (the end of the beast is recorded in 19:20, then comes the triumph)
  6. Both feature the 1260 day period of Satan's power
  7. There is no reason to believe that we are dealing with different periods

Is the 1260 in Daniel 7 the same as in Revelation 13?

  1. The Beast of Revelation has features of all Daniel 7's four beasts, but principally the fourth - Rome, with its ten horns.
  2. Both little horn and beast gain strength from overcoming some or all of the ten horns (see Revelation 17:17)
  3. Both books cover the period up to the final triumph of the saints.
  4. Both little horn and beast make war with the saints, prospers, and speaks great blasphemies
  5. Both repeatedly return to the 1260 "day" period of Satan's power.
  6. Both little horn and beast are mighty, but not by their own power (the first beast requires the second beast for the height of his power, and relies on worship).
  7. There is no reason to believe that we are dealing with different periods. (N.B. the little horn is not the same as the beast, but both are involved in the same events - one as a political entity, the other as a human ideal


the bottom line:

The Bible really is simple! All the so-called "difficult" prophecies are talking about the same well-known events.

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