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  1. Forget about studying for a moment. http://www.hungersite.com.
  2. The official church website: http://www.lds.org
  3. All About Mormons: http://www.mormons.org
  4. FARMS http://www.farmsresearch.com (see also SHIELDS and FAIR)
  5. LDS index: http://www.lds-index.org/ancient.htm
  6. Compare all religions: http://www.religioustolerance.org/ (or discuss them)
  7. Jeff Lindsay: http://www.jefflindsay.com/LDSFAQ
  8. A free book about the church: http://www.shire.net/mormon/
  9. Barry's Early Christianity Page: http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Parthenon/2671/EC.html
  10. Internet Medieval Sourcebook: http://www.fordham.edu/halsall/sbook1b.html

prophecy web sites

Spanish? Italian?

Sites that stick to the words of the prophets

The Bible and Book of Mormon - Massimo's page. Some of the best sites aren't from the USA! (And some of the best sites are - don't take it so personally OK? :-) ) http://members.xoom.com/Max_Frankie/

Prophetic references to signs of the Last Days An important site for Latter-day Saints and Bible prophecy (though we sometimes disagree on minor issues :-) ) http://members.xoom.com/mdalby/

Sites that speculate

Michael Griffith's pages (LDS researcher / author): http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/MGriffith_2/lds.htm

"Zedek Books - Popular LDS Books on Prophecy and History " the title says it all. (Nice URL!) http://www.mormonprophecy.com/

Greater Things - Bible (and Book of Mormon) hidden codes. A BIG site. Personally I find much of it hard to believe, but see for yourself. http://www.greaterthings.com
Includes an Online book by Sterling W. Allen: http://www.greaterthings.com/Books/Vision-Contents.htm

sites by people who reject the living prophets

I include these so you can see the problem of trying to interpret scriptures without the aid of living prophets. Each site is convinced that its particular interpretation is the best one, "but they disagree and contradict each other!". Together they form a powerful testimony to the fact that, without a living prophet, we are all lost.

Lots of millennial links: http://www.fas.org/2000/endtime1.htm

Bible study links: probably the best of the bunch - a general links page for studying the Bible http://www.hivolda.no/asf/kkf/rel-stud.html

"Armageddon Books": Visually attractive, and packed with information (much of it contradictory). See what people who reject new prophecy make of old prophecy. http://www.armageddonbooks.com/l

More links to prophecy sites: http://www.netsync.net/users/rfarney/bibleprophecy.htm

The above sites are the most useful ones. Some of the more colorful sites follow. All they have in common is that they have worked very hard to interpret the scriptures, but since they reject the living prophets they just add to the confusion.

A JW site? I can't be sure, but the references to "the kingdom" and "the little flock" make me suspicious: http://www.bibleprophecy.org/zipper2.html

A Seventh Day Adventist site Graphically very attractive. Of all the sites that reject the living prophets, this is my favorite. http://www.danielrevelation.com/indexf.html

"Maranatha": A site that supports the coming together of Catholics and Evangelicals: http://members.ratedg.com/dstegner/ . They even have a page on "the Great Apostasy"!

The Branch Davidians: Remember Waco? http://www.sevenseals.com/!

And so on.
There are far too many sites to list here. If you need any more evidence of the confusion that reigns when the living prophets are rejected, checkout www.BEASTWATCH.com or www.bibleprophecy.org [which claims that the ten lost tribes came to Britain - I like it :-) ] or www.escape666.com if you like web sites that are nearly all capital letters. It claims to be "a return to the simplicity and purity of the Words of Jesus". Don't they all?

And so it goes on...

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sites by (or for) groups

Thurso Branch Web Site - this is my branch!

Especially useful

SHIELDS - like FARMS, but more fun: http://www.shields-research.org/

"F.A.I.R" - well designed apologetics site. Similar to SHIELDS, and worth a bookmark. http://www.fair-lds.org/

Theology Today - non-LDS academic articles on Christianity. I was once told by a fundamentalist protestant that material on this site came from Presbyterians, so it was obviously apostate. :-) http://theologytoday.ptsem.edu/

Other topics and general web sites

Zion Net - an attractive (and busy) site, including a chat room! http://www.zionnet.com/

West Salem Ward Homepage: they have some great links at http://www.open.org/wslds/links.htm

BILLBOs Web Page: "Words of Wisdom" LDS & Kids Links page: http://www.goodnet.com/~billbo/ldslinks.html

One of my favorite pages - very different, very exciting. http://www.geocities.com/athens/parthenon/9537/Faith.html

Crestwood, Kentucky's Early-Morning Seminary Class: - http://www.louisville.edu/~kcthie01/ Hey - I live in Scotland, which is several hours ahead of Kentucky. So every morning is early morning to me!

LDS Friends Worldwide Chat Network http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Cottage/4401/LDS.html

EUROPEAN Y.S.A. INFO.NET - hey, another British site! Calling all Young Single Adults in Europe... http://www.netcomuk.co.uk/~p.harris

Top 10 | prophecy | more links | groups | non LDS sites

sites by individuals
plus commercial LDS-oriented sites

Especially useful

Of worth - a beautiful site for LDS women. Highly recommended. http://www.of-worth.com/

The Latter-Day Messenger and Advocate - another British site! http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Styx/5581/Messenger.html

Dustin Palmer's home page (pretty unique if you ask me): http://www.geocities.com/soho/cafe/2285/

An ex-"Born Again Christian" site (he is not a Mormon) http://www.angelfire.com/pa/greywlf/

Commercial LDS-oriented sites

King Arthur's Horses (Rebecca Tolworthy, Cornish artist) - my sister loves the medieval world. She lives in Arthurian country, and occasionally works for English Heritage (the body that owns many of the castles). This web site combines this with her love

LDS Day-Planners: The planners combine a 52 week at a glance format with many other pages to help every member organize their Church callings, Home or Visit Teaching, Family Home Evenings, Scripture reading and more. Fits Franklin Planner TM and other popular planner systems: http://www.latterday-planner.com/

THE POWER AND THE GLORY - "An LDS Recording of Epic Proportions - Inspired Orchestrations of 14 popular LDS Hymns" - ". . . . taste this incredibly impressive rendition of inspired music for Latter-day Saints... This beautiful music transcends the veil with its powerful and moving spiritual attributes. ...The Power and the Glory should be a spiritually uplifting resource in every Latter-day Saint home! You'll rejoice in the experience." - http://www.celestial-visions.com/

Bicycle trailers - - a nice looking site by Stan Winchester. Who says a web site isn't practical? http://www.2go4swo.com

Other topics and general web sites

Dustin Pike's free clipart: http://www.ibeacon.com/artistic

"Living beyond loss". As someone who once lost a baby sister, I can recommend it. http://adrr.com/living/

A web page dedicated to promoting LDS Family Values. Provides various resources of information that may be of interest - temples, artists, etc. Well worth repeat visits.http://www.familyforever.com

"A LESSON IN LOVE" -a lovely little(?) site. http://www.zekes.com/~dshurtz/

The proclamation on the family - as simple text: http://www.angelfire.com/ca/jwjensen

John McDonnell's poetry page: http://www.geocities.com/paris/6277; prophecy page: http://www.geocities.com/paris/6277/notes.htm;

The Ivie Family homepage: (genealogy, links, and more): http://hometown.aol.com/coandge/page/index.htm

Food for the soul http://www.geocities.com/heartland/meadows/3313

Randall's LDS web site Pictures of Christ, Temples, Church Sites etc. http://ral.b-l.org/lds/

Top 10 | prophecy | sites by or for groups | individuals | non LDS sites

major link sites

LDS resources on the internet. Lots of links and well maintained - check it out! http://home.lv.rmci.net/jdstone/

Mormon Links - the name speaks for itself! All kinds of LDS links. And more links. http://www.MormonLinks.com

Restoration.org - a wonderful resource (though not always from a Utah LDS perspective). http://www.restoration.org

LDS Front Page Directory - Easy to use front page for LDS browsers. Features 150 of the best LDS links, Common references, author's daily quotes, and a powerful search link to find LDS members on the net. The best LDS directory hands down (according to its creator!). http://LDS.4all.cc

Mormons on the Internet - a very good selection, but many broken links. http://www.writerspost.com/mormonnet/submit/milinks3h.htm

About.com LDS site- http://lds.about.com/culture/lds/

Kevin Graham's LDS Q&A Site not many links, but I like his choices: http://www.angelfire.com/ga/kevgram/

Top 10 | prophecy | more links | groups | individuals

Very useful non-LDS sites
and LDS sites that didn't fit anywhere else

Encyclopedia Brittannica: http://www.eb.com/ (Get 30 days access free)

Download the scriptures in plain text format:

The ARGOS search engine - and related links. A great source for academic information on ancient history - check out sixth century Europe for yourself - http://argos.evansville.edu/

Images from late antiquity - see what the world looked like in 570 and before http://www.unipissing.ca/department/history/4505/show.htm

An amazing collection of links concerning "late antiquity" - the period around AD 570: http://www.sc.edu/ltantsoc/

Conversations about religion - discuss different faiths at http://www.allfaith.com/CIR/cirreligion.html ...You may wonder why I include links to this and also to http://www.religioustolerance.org/. Simple. By seeing mankind's attempts at religion, you can appreciate the need for a living prophet.

"Ancient American" magazine www.ancientamerican.com/ - dedicated to information about the Americas before Columbus

A guide to rhetoric (the art of discussing ideas) http://humanities.byu.edu/rhetoric/silva.htm

Disputed Mormon texts - interesting LDS documents that may be genuine, but are in doubt. http://website.lineone.net/~mahonri/library.htm

"Add me": add your site to lots of search engines... Add Me!

Did I miss your web site?

If you want a link, or I've missed your favorite site, or got your URL (or category) wrong, or made a mistake, or anything else, please tell me and I will get to work.


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