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Where was Joseph Smith?

A map and time chart, showing every place he ever went, and the major events of his life.

For more about Joseph Smith, visit "all about Mormons".

I don't make any great claims for the chart - I don't know if you will even find it readable - but any feedback would be appreciated. The details are based on "History of the Church", "The Prophecies of Joseph Smith", and various other sources. If you find any mistakes (or parts that are too confusing), please tell me, and I will correct it.

world historyOr visit the history page
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All World History


This is a big graphic - 164 K. Please be patient. If nothing is happening, try right clicking (if using Windows) and select "show picture".

Like the other big charts on this web site, this prints quite nicely on one side of paper, and might be useful as a handout in a lesson (if you can make head or tale of it!). To save it in Windows, right click on it and choose "save as". Then you can open it in a graphics program (such as PaintShop Pro), and print it however you like.

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