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Dates foretold in the Bible

AD 570 - 1830: the prophetic Dark Ages

The 1260 "days".
All the symbols and dates
What Joseph Smith said about it
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"Days" and "years".
1260 and the LDS church.
Daniel's "70 weeks"
Daniel and1290 "days"
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The Holy Bible contains more prophecies about the year 1830 than any other date. The books of Daniel, Revelation, 2 Thessalonians and others indicate at least six times that the true church would be lost, in the nahds of the world, in AD 570. But this wilderness period would only last for 1260 years.

In 1830, the church was indeed restored from heaven - exactly as foretold.

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General issues:

Introduction, and my testimony
Daniel made simple.
Revelation made simple.
Revelation made very simple.
The visions cover the same topic
Antichrists and the "last days".
Summary of symbols and dates.
For complex issues, see beasts and horns.

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Seven approaches to Daniel
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1830 and the Christian churches
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The forgotten prophecies

You may not have heard about AD 570 before. Many Latter-day Saints have forgotten what prophets and early church publications have said in relation to this.

Educated Catholics and Protestants should be aware of this date, but choose to forget.

Historians have indicated the crucial importance of this date, but do not read the Bible to see where the events of 570 were foretold.

In short, AD 570 is a forgotten prophecy.

The key scriptures

We can identify the year 570 from seven different scriptures:

  1. Daniel 2, where the fourth kingdom (Rome) loses its power to "these kingdoms", the divided nations of Europe. (Discussed on this page)
  2. Daniel 7, where the church is overcome by "the little horn". (Discussed on this page)
  3. Daniel 8 and the origins and nature of the little horn. (Discussed on this page)
  4. Daniel 12 and the "1290" prophecy. (Discussed on this page)
  5. Luke 21 and Revelation 11 - the prophecies regarding Jerusalem. (Discussed on this page)
  6. 2 Thessalonians 2 - 570 is the key to "that which withholdeth". (Discussed on this page)
  7. It is the key to Revelation chapter 12 and the "man child" prophecy. (Discussed on this page)

For specific verses that deal with numbers, see the summary page.

How they were fulfilled in history

The historical details have their own section. The main events are summarized in this graphic:

The big picture

This web site covers a great deal of prophecy and history. It may help to stand back and have an overview.

Major prophecies deal with major events. Judging by the space given to them by the Bible, the most important events from the time of Moses onwards are as follows:

In summary, prophecy is not difficult. It deals wuith the big issues of world history.

If we can avoid getting sidetracked, we can see the fulfilment of prophecy just by looking at any comprehensive book of world history. God is dealing with the whole world, not just some "religious" part of it!

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