Numbers in prophecy: 1260, 1290, 1335, 2300 "days", 70 weeks

"Days" and "Years" in prophecy

The word usually translated as "day" is Strong's word number 3117. It has several possible meanings. Meaning number 1e is "year". (See also - 1260 literal, 24 hour days in church history)


Most people accept that the seventy "weeks" in chapter 9 refer to periods of seven years. Daniel's visions were consistent. Daniel's thousands of "days" actually cover thousands of years.

What is the simplest interpretation?

In some contexts, "days" are not what they seem:

I believe in taking the simplest explanation for each part of the Bible. Most of the time, there is no reason to take a "day" as anything other than 24 hours. But in the apocalyptic prophecies of Daniel and Revelation, the "24 hour" assumption has some difficulties:

Where a "day" represents, or mirrors, a year

Where a "day" represents a "year" in Daniel:

In the light of the above, it seems entirely reasonable that Daniel's "days", when in the context of "end of the world" predictions, can be read as "years".

Similarly, the 42 "months", given that they equal 1260 "days", should be seen as 42 groups of 30 years (the ancient Jewish month had 30 days). And the "time and times and dividing of a time", since "a time" can be translated "a year", and 3 1/2 years contain 42 months, could be treated in the same way.

Technical note:
Just because a single Jewish year had 360 days, this does not mean that we should count 1260 years as 1260 times 360 days (making something less than 1260 of the years that we are used to). Just as we have "leap years", where an extra day is added to keep us up with the solar year, so the ancient Jews used to add an extra month when necessary, called "second Adar" (after the normal month "Adar"). So individual years come in as 360 days, just as individual modern years are taken as 365 days. But over large periods of time we can treat a year as a solar year - that is, lasting slightly less than 365.25 days.


Why the little horn's 1260 "days" cannot be literal "days"


the bottom line

The ancient prophecies were not talking about long-dead peoples. They were talking about you!


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