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Locating the empires of the statue in Daniel chapter 2:

"The remnants of the old Babylonish empire, under the form of other governments, will be found mostly in Asia. The breasts and arms of silver will also be found in Asia. The belly and thighs of brass will be found part in Asia and part in Europe. The broken iron kingdom still exists in Italy, Europe. The feet and toes exist throughout Europe and among the governments of America of European origin.Thus the location of the image is known, its head being in Asia, and the other extremity in America. No part is lacking. It lies stretched out over lands and seas, occupying nearly the whole of the two great hemispheres of our globe."

"The location of the stone of the mountain could not be in Asia, Africa, or Europe, nor upon any distant island of the sea; but it must be in America, near the extremities of the feet and toes. This mountain kingdom could not be found in the low countries of America, but in some high, elevated region. There is no country which would better answer the terms of the predicted location than that elevated region bordering upon the great Rocky Mountain chain. A kingdom in that high region might well be called a mountain kingdom, and be thus designated by the inspired Daniel. Its proximity to the western extremity of the image would almost preclude the idea of any other mountainous location."

From a discourse by Elder Orson Pratt, delivered in Salt Lake City, August 14, 1859. Journal of Discourses.

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