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About the art on this site

... and a QUIZ

This site has over 200 illustrated pages. You are free to use almost any of the pictures (as long as your use is pro-LDS). The old-style line drawings on this site are from a genuinely copyright free source. The maps and charts are original - use them too!

To grab an image (in Windoze), just right click on the picture and select "save image" or "save as". If you think this is just a sneaky way to make you look at the whole web site - you're right!

The cartoon style images are not listed - they come from "DJ's best LDS clip art" (another Brit). If you like them, visit his page!

The photographs in some pages uploaded since December 1999 are adapted (sometimes beyond recognition!) from Romtech's "PrintIt" CD-ROM. No mention was made of restrictions on use, and I recognise some that are apparently public domain. If anyone recognizes any as being copyrighted, please contact me!

the Great Wall of China

The True Gate

Major topics on these pages start with with medieval gateways or windows. This is to symbolize the great choice each of us must make.

The traditional churches have left us some magnificent and beautiful architecture, dedicated to the dead prophets - to Peter, or Paul, or John (see Matthew 23:29-30). They offer us a choice. Do we prefer the living prophets or the dead? Which is the true gate?

Jesus Christ, the light of the world, offers the true gate. Babylon, the woman who was drunk with the blood of the saints (Revelation 17:5-7), also claims to be the gate. The name Babylon comes from Bab-El, meaning "gate of God"

As a missionary (Dundee, Scotland, 1987), I once met a leader of a "Christian" group called the "Gate fellowship". He saw it as his job to oppose the Latter-day Saints. I wondered to myself - "which gate does he represent?" When Jesus offered the true gate, he warned that only a few would find it. Many would have eaten at the Lord's table and heard his words, and think they are saved, but they are not (see Luke 13:23-30).

If we really want to be saved, we must "strive to enter in at the strait gate" - along with all the prophets (Luke 13:28).

(N.B. the true gate is the gate out of hell and into heaven - and the true church holds the keys. This is discussed on the page about the New Testament.)

The three big charts (size over 100k each)

Each of these will print quite neatly onto a single sheet of A4 paper.

Clickable chart of Daniel's prophecies
(Reads right to left, Hebrew style)
All world history on one page - ideal for lessons, firesides, etc.
Chart of Joseph Smith's life

finally, a QUIZ

Have you been paying attention? Here are ten questions. The answer to each question can be found on the page that contains the picture. (I'm not making this easy for you!)



Which Bible prophecy is this?

"country of whirring wings"

Who is this, and (roughly) when did he become Prefect of Rome?


Where in the world is this, and where is it in the Bible? (And possibly in the Book of Mormon too)


What was happening in Italy that tipped the balance in AD 570?


Who were the two great generals who re-conquered much of the old Roman Empire in the sixth century?


What are the dark areas of the moon - how were they created? (and why does it matter?)


Which state of the USA has far more scientists (per 1000 people) than any other?


According to the surveys, which major church is unique in that the more that its members know of science, the stronger is their faith in the scriptures?


What is the "leviathan" described by Thomas Hobbes?


By what name is the valley of Jezreel better known?


Fill in the blanks: "Faith is the child of _________. It is reserved for those only who first have _________; there neither is nor can be any faith until there is _________" - Bruce R. McConkie,


That's all for now. Happy searching!


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