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I was recently telling a friend (not a member of the church) about the great Bible prophecies. He stopped me. He said, "you mean the Bible is made up of two parts - the Old and New Testaments? I did not know that." My friend is very intelligent (a computer programmer). But he never had any reason to learn about the Bible. So perhaps I ought to start at the beginning.

This page is for you, John...

scrolls One minute guide to the Bible - for beginners

10 key facts:

  1. The word "Bible" means "Books".
  2. The Bible has 2 parts - the Old Testament and the New Testament.
  3. Jews accept the Old Testament, written between 1450 and 400 BC (roughly).
  4. Christians accept this AND the New Testament, written in the first century AD.
  5. The books are all different, all written by different people in different circumstances.
  6. The writers are called prophets, because God talks to them (by dreams or feelings mainly).
  7. The first books are the early history of the nation of Israel, including their laws.
  8. The rest of the Old Testament is proverbs and prophecies.
  9. Half of the New Testament is four accounts of Jesus' life.
  10. The other half is about the church in the first century AD - mainly letters of instructions.

shepherd One minute guide to the major people of the Bible - for beginners

10 prophets, judges and kings:

  1. Jacob - his name was changed to Israel, and his 12 sons and their descendants became the people of Israel.
  2. Joseph - a son of Jacob. His story is told fairly well in the musical "Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat"
  3. Moses - led Israel out of slavery in Egypt, parted the red sea, etc. The famous film "the Ten Commandments" is more or less accurate.
  4. Daniel - lived in exile in ancient Iraq/Iran (Babylon and Persia). A capable leader, made a prince by the local king. Survived being thrown to the lions. Had dreams about the future history of the world.
  5. Isaiah - an advisor to the Jewish king. Very intellectual, sophisticated and powerful prophecies.
  6. John - wrote "Revelation" - an account of a vision he had about the church in the Roman Empire and beyond.
  7. David - as a child, killed Goliath. Later wrote poetry and music. The greatest king of Israel. Fell spiritually - had a man killed so he could marry the man's wife.
  8. Solomon - David's son. Very wise, very wealthy. Built the great temple (a building, the physical center of the church. Special work goes on inside).
  9. Samson - a judge and strongman. Killed lots of enemies, but missed the point, spiritually.
  10. Esther - saved her nation while it was held captive in a foreign land.

Our Savior Jesus Christ

10 facts about the Lord Jesus Christ:

  1. "Christ" means "Messiah", which means "anointed with sacred oil to be the future king"
  2. Jesus created the world, and lived as a mortal in Israel between circa AD 1 and AD 33
  3. Jesus is the son of God. He is so similar to God that it is usual to refer to him as God.
  4. Jesus will come again, but this time not as a mortal but as a God. Earth as we know it will change.
  5. Jesus will judge our lives after we die. We will pay for (or be rewarded for) what we did.
  6. Jesus is the "redeemer", meaning he paid for our mistakes, so we don't have to if we accept his terms instead.
  7. Paying for our sins involved a painful death on a Roman cross, and more.
  8. His terms are: faith (trust in God), repentance (stop doing bad and do good instead), and baptism (joining his church).
  9. Jesus set up a church to teach us how to be better people.
  10. Jesus differs from political leaders in that it is all done by love - there is no coercion. Change must come from inside.

One minute guide to the Mormon Church - for beginners

10 facts about the Mormon Church:

  1. Its real name is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
  2. "Mormon" is just a nickname, since we believe in the Book of Mormon as well as the Bible.
  3. The Church is simply a restoration of the ancient church that is described in the Bible.
  4. The Bible church slipped into apostasy (it left the truth) after the New Testament prophets and apostles died.
  5. The Dark Ages and modern divisions and lack of new scripture are proof that the Christian Church went wrong.
  6. The church was organized again in 1830, and various lost truths were restored between 1830 and 1844.
  7. The first prophet of the church in modern times was Joseph Smith (1805-1844), who had his first vision of Jesus Christ in 1820.
  8. The church does NOT practice polygamy, and has not since 1890!
  9. The church is led by a prophet, and new scripture is added from time to time.
  10. The church now has over ten million members, most of whom are outside the USA.

Twenty second guide to the Book of Mormon - for beginners

  1. The Book of Mormon is not about the church, it was simply edited by a prophet called Mormon.
  2. The Book of Mormon is a history of the church in the ancient Americas, at the same time the Bible was written in the middle east.
  3. The Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ, and includes an account of Jesus' visit to his followers in the Americas after his resurrection.

Congratulations!You now know more about Christianity and Mormonism than (probably) 90% of the population.
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