101 Bible prophecies

All fulfilled by
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

1-11 Genesis 1-6 general themes
12-19 Genesis 10-49 Hebrews in America
20-32 Genesis 50 - Psalms Joseph Smith
33-38 Isaiah the Latter-day church
39 Jeremiah 31 the new covenant
40-55 Jeremiah to Malachi dated prophecies
56-70 Matthew 1-16 foundations of the church
71-79 Matthew 19 - Luke 24 more of Jesus' teachings
80-86 The gospel of John one church
87-101 The apostles' writings apostasy and restoration


The ancient church - the church that wrote the Bible

The Church of Jesus Christ, the church that wrote the Bible, was lost after the apostles died. The Bible itself says so. See 2000 years of "Christianity". or Seven proofs of the apostasy. But now the church is back. It is still called the Church of Jesus Christ, but with the addition "of Latter-day Saints," otherwise it could not be distinguished from the church in former times.

Occasionally I hear people criticize the Mormon church and try to use the Bible to do so. This astounds me. The Mormon church is simply a restoration of the authority of Peter, Paul, and the Lord Jesus himself. So the Mormons wrote the Bible! As the prophecies will show, if the Mormons do not believe the Bible, then no-one does.

The nickname "Mormons"

Mormon is a nickname for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Do not be surprised that the church of Jesus Christ has an unusual nickname ("Mormons") - in New Testament times it was known as "the sect of the Nazarenes." (This was not a complementary name. As people said at the time, "can any good thing come out of Nazareth?").

So when we ask what the Bible says about the Mormons, we are asking what is said about the church of Jesus Christ - the saints - in the latter (or last) days. And since the church of Jesus Christ is pretty much the same throughout history, we are also asking "what is the church of Jesus Christ like in Bible times?"

Are the prophecies easy to find?

The vast majority of Biblical proofs are so obvious that all the other churches have copied them. The Protestant churches, for example, started when people read the Bible and saw that the existing churches were not doing the obvious things. They made their own churches, imitating what they saw in the Bible. So, to identify the church that wrote the Bible from the churches that imitate the Bible, we need to look very carefully.

How the 101 prophecies are organized

This web site concerns one hundred and one ways that a reader can identify the Mormon church from reading the Bible. Some of the ways are Biblical doctrines that are only taught by the true church. Other ways (in red) are predictions of when the church would be restored, where, by whom, and so on.

Of the 101 points, about 30 are "foretelling" prophecies, foretelling the future. These are in red. Most of these are (not surprisingly) on the pages that relate to the prophetic books - Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, and so forth. The remaining 70 or so items are "forthtelling" prophecies, indicating the things that the Church of Jesus Christ teaches. The first four points are the most basic prophecies, or teachings, of the whole Bible. For sake of space, most prophecies are dealt with very briefly. The exception is the dated prophecies, which have their own section, examining the issues in detail.

More important topics

Christanity, of course, is not really about debate and "proofs."

Christianity is about the deep questions.

It is about faith.

It is about prayers answered.

It is about a better life.

It is about truth.

It is about hope.

It is about following Jesus Christ.

It is about following the word of God.

Scriptures used by critics

Some critics like to use the Bible against the restored gospel. This is nothing new - the ancient Pharisees used to quote scriptures against Jesus. They rely on the fact that most people do not read their Bibles, so cannot spot a falsehood when they see it. The solution of course is to read the Bible some more! Often the answer to an anti-LDS critic is in the very next verse. And very often, a scripture used against the church turns out to be a powerful testimony of the restoration. Some favorite scriptures are discussed on the following pages:

The General observations page asks

The page on Jeremiah and the New Covenant asks

The New Testament page asks

The page on Jesus' Later Teachings asks

The page on The Gospel of John asks

The Early Apostles page asks:

And finally, Bible teachings on salvation and grace are discussed on the page on Paul's epistle to the Romans. If you want more a more detailed discussion of any of these topics, visit S.H.I.E.L.D.S. or the F.A.I.R. web site.

Conclusion: the Biblical Church

The Bible records how Jesus established a church to preach his gospel. That church had prophets and apostles, and created new scripture. There is only one significant church today that has a prophet and apostles and creates new scripture. It is called the Church of Jesus Christ "of Latter-day Saints". Because some of its additional scripture was edited by a prophet called Mormon, the church today has gained the nicknamed "the Mormons." In this website I will use the term "Mormon" because it is familiar. But what I mean is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The Bible is a witness to the Mormon Church. Every page teaches good "Mormon" history and doctrine. But many other churches try to copy the Bible. So on the surface every church claims the doctrines and history that are in the Bible. We need to look a little closer to tell the genuine from the imitations.

Now try the 101 Bible prophecies: 1-11 | 12-19 | 20-32 | 33-38 | 39 | 40-55 | 56-70 | 71-79 | 80-86 | 87-101


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