This is one of a series of web pages I created between 2001and 2006. I was angry and frustrated at the LDS Church. Since then I have moved on and calmed down. So please remember, if you read these pages, that they reflect my past and not my present feelings. Thanks for your understanding!      -  Chris Tolworthy

The Church Is True

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The Church is Not True

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Welcome to the world's only objective Mormon web site.

There are thousands of web sites about the Mormon church, but none of the others are objective. How can they be? There is no middle ground with the Mormon church. 

Either the church is led by God or it is not. If it is led by God, then mankind must accept it or ultimately perish. If it is not led by God, then even if it is the best church in the world, it must be led by liars, fools and perhaps bigots. Why/ Because the prophet and apostles say that God has told them it is the Only True Church, with a divine mission to convert everyone else.

This web site presents both sides of the story, but does so in a unique way. It presents "proof" that the church is true, written by a devout believer who studied the church his whole life. It also contains "proof" that the church is false, written by an exMormon. The first person was me, before 2001. The second person is also me, after 2001. Who do you prefer? Who makes the most sense? You decide. 

Until 2001 I was a faithful member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I was born in the covenant, served a mission (1986-88, Scotland Edinburgh Mission), and my most recent calling was as Branch President (Thurso Branch, 1997-2001). I was passionate about the church, and made the web site "" in order to show why the world needs prophets, and to examine some of the prophecies that prove the church is true.

WhyProphets was unique. It did not simply repeat church teachings. it was not an apologetics site, as it spent very little time defending the church. In the worlds of my missionary trainer, great truth is to be discovered, not defended! And it was not a crazy "believe anything" prophecy site. It sought to take a rational, evidence based approach to LDS prophecy, and like it or hate it, there has never been a site like it before or since. disappeared at the end of 2005, and people keep asking me where they can find a copy. Parts of it are preserved on the WayBack machine, but you won't find the complete site there. I recently found an old backup copy of the complete site from 2000, and I present it here in its entirety, unedited and untouched.

A historical note: WhyProphets was previously called More About Mormons and was hosted at Geocities. In 2000 I moved to the permanent address ( At about the same time I gave the site to a friend who redesigned it, added a forum, and took it forward. I continued to add material for a while, but left the site concentrate on my book, "The Bible Says 1830," published in 2001. This version of WhyProphets that you see here is the last version that I created entirely on my own.

- Chris Tolworthy, from 2000 archive





I thought it might be interesting to present faithful and "anti" materials created by the same person. I don't claim that the web pages are any good, but the "before" and "after" approach is unique so might be of interest.

Until the start of 2001 I was a faithful member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. By 2002 I was no longer a believer. I stopped attending in 2003 and resigned in 2004.

I made various web sites, and they are gathered in one place here. They seem quite angry compared with my older, pro-church site. There is less original research. Most of these pages were made when I felt stressed. My family are all still believers and have no interest in studying the church, so they will probably remain faithful members until they die. So I sometimes feel isolated and I make web sites as a way to vent my feelings.

Why did I leave? The process had several steps. Right at the start of the process (late 2001 or early 2002, I forget) I was asked to write my story on Zarahemla City Limits. And soon after I wrote a follow up. More recently someone asked me again, so for a more up to date explanation click here and look half way down the "A to Z" page.

How could I leave the church when I had found so many things to support it? This question gets to the heart of the question of truth. What I found was interesting, and sometimes plausible, but it was not proof. Proof is what matters. There came a point when I added up all the good stuff I had found, and it just wasn't enough for me.

The most obvious difference between "before" and "after" is that the faithful material is nicer, more uplifting, more hopeful, more positive. The anti material is generally negative. I do have some pages on stronger families and being more moral, but the tone is more sober and restrained. The whole point of faithful religion is that it offers something wonderful and amazing. But if you really want to save the world you need a higher standard of truth than just "this would be nice."

But don't take my word for it. See for yourself. On this side you have my "anti" web pages. On the other side you have my older, faithful web pages. Which side is more convincing? Am I now deluded whereas before I saw things clearly? I have not changed or edited the old "WhyProphets" stuff, so you can decide for yourself.

I believe in freedom of information.

- Chris Tolworthy, 2006

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