This is one of a series of web pages I created between 2001and 2006. I was angry and frustrated at the LDS Church. Since then I have moved on and calmed down. So please remember, if you read these pages, that they reflect my past and not my present feelings. Thanks for your understanding!      -  Chris Tolworthy


Is the Mormon church a fraud?

The Mormon church intentionally conceals important facts from its members. For example:

Joseph Smith pressured his female followers so he could have sex with them. He did not behave like a man of God, but behaved like a fraud.

As Grant Palmer shows in his book "An Insiders View," most of the historical claims of Mormonism did not happen in the way that the church teaches. Events were changed, made up later, hidden, and so on.

Church members sometimes teach essential church doctrines that they know to be false. An example is the literal existence of Adam, our first ancestor, who they say lived 4,000 BC.

The current church President, Gordon B. HInckley, teaches many things. And around three quarters of his teachings have been proven false.

If people knew these things before they meet the missionaries, most would not join the church. So the church obtains its converts, and hence its money, fraudulently.

What about the good that the church does?

Many people believe that the church does a great deal of good. if this is true, why does the church need to resort to fraud to attract and keep its members?

Good churches do not need to lie.